Elk Resources and Websites

Elk Resources and Websites:

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation – One of the biggest organizations dedicated to the conservation of Elk and other wildlife.  A great resouce for information on Elk and elk habitat.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Elk University – A great resource for those looking to start elk hunting. Broken down into 4 main chapters, each chapter has a number of valuable lessons written by wildlife officers, huntmasters and other elk experts pertaining to all aspects of elk hunting.

Elk Hunting Tips – A very practical website giving a lot of “how to” advice when hunting elk.

Big Game Hunt – While this deals with all types of big game, they do have a decent section dealing directly with elk.

Elk Hunting.org – This site has some helpful information but looks like it’s just getting started.  We’ll check back and see how they are doing!

Elk Camp.com – Has some helpful information but may be a bit dated.  They had a decent forum that they recently moved over to a new site: Brotherhoodhunter.  We will see what traction it gains.

Wheretohunt.org – This is a more general site that will allow you to easily see license information, regulations, and general public land hunting options for each state.

*If you know of another helpful resource, please let me know at HunterExperiences@Gmail.com and I will add it to this list!*