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Bunny Hunting With a 7-Year-Old – Oct 4, 2018

I’ve often heard people ask when it is the right time to take their child hunting.  The best answer I have heard is, “When they enjoy it.”    While I don’t want to put pressure on my son to hunt, I want to give him the opportunity if he wants to. So, I must admit that I was excited I offered to take my son hunting and he said yes.

While I would love to take him big game hunting, there will be a time and place for that later.  For now, we enjoy going after one the most horrifying of small game; the fearsome and terrible bunny.

Bunny Hunt - Oct 4, 2018 (4)
A number of shotgun shells were found and collected

Bunny hunting has several advantages with 7-year-old boys.  First, if you have ever been with a 7-year-old, boy or girl, you know that their definition of quiet is very different than your definition.  While it helps to not be screaming, I have found that bunnies are a little more tolerant of noise than your average deer or elk.

Another advantage is a little easier hiking. The terrain where cottontails are found usually isn’t that rough and where we go hunting we are able to take a couple big loops around on fairly level terrain.

That leads to another advantage, the opportunity to keep moving.  I made the mistake before of telling my son we were going to sit quietly for a bit in one spot… lasted 12 minutes.  Now to be fair, he is his father’s son and I don’t sit all that well myself, but after 12 minutes of listening to what sounded like a twitchy cow rolling around in the grass, I decided that maybe walking around would be a bit more effective.

Another advantage of bunny hunting is slightly better odds at harvesting an animal than say a deer or elk.  While I don’t want my son to get the idea that we must get something every time we go out, I am trying to make it enjoyable for him…. And getting something is always more exciting than not getting something.

Well, on this trip we had a great time.  Earlier in the evening we spotted a bunny and after chasing it around a bit, I was able to get it with my .22.  My son was thrilled.

Bunny Hunt - Oct 4, 2018 (2)
Bunny Down

Later in the evening we came across another bunny and I kindly demonstrated why we practice shooting…. I shot 8 times as the crazy little bunny and missed every time.  At least my son enjoyed it and had a good time laughing at his dad missing.  Oh well.

Bunny Hunt - Oct 4, 2018 (1)I hope that this trip is just one of many we get to enjoy in the future, but for now, we will enjoy the memories and experiences this one provided!

Bunny Hunt - Oct 4, 2018 (3)
Great Memories

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