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It Only Works If You Bring It

It Only Works If You Bring It (1)
Another Spring Hike

I went shed hunting again a couple weeks ago.  It had been raining the few days before but I finally had nice weather.  I knew it was going to be wet from the previous days rain so I decided it was time to try out my new gaiters.


If you have done much hunting or hiking off trails you know that in moisture or in heavy snow your pants can get wet above your boots.  The moisture then works its way down inside the boots and you have wet feet.   Blisters or painful rubbing can take place in warmer weather and in cold weather wet feet are never good.

Because of this, I purchased a pair of gaiters. These gaiters wrap around each boot and go up the shin.  They are waterproof and keep water or snow from getting on your pants and allowing moisture inside your boots. I hadn’t had an opportunity to use them yet so I was excited to see how they worked.

That morning I got up early, got my stuff together and headed out.  I parked my truck right at dawn and started my hike.  It was about 15 minutes in when I realized how wet everything was.  I also noticed that I had left my gaiters at home.

It only works if you bring it.

It Only Works If You Bring It (3)
Feet are soaked

The rest of the hike was a reminder of why I bought the gaiters in the first place.  My feet were soon soaked and halfway through the trip I stopped and rung the water out of my socks.  I was thankful that I finished my 4-mile hike with just some hot spots on my feet and no major blisters.

It Only Works If You Bring It (4)
Trying to dry of my feet….at least I have a nice view.

Besides that small and important detail, I had a good hike.  I didn’t find a single shed but I got out in nature and got some exercise.

I’m looking forward to getting out hiking again.  I can’t wait to try out my new gaiters.


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