Whitetail Hunt

CGibs – Whitetail, September 22, 2015

Name: CGibs
Date of Hunt: Sept. 22 2015
Location of Hunt: Midwest
Animal Hunted: Whitetail
Were you successful?: Yes!
Weather, Wind, and Conditions: 73 deg.    SSE wind 6 mph

CGibs - First Deer!
CGibs – First Deer!

Interesting Details of the Hunt: Youth season opened and my Dad and me went hunting after dad got of work.  We went to a newly seeded alfalfa field that we knew the deer were hitting hard. We set up on the backside of the fence row with tall weeds and trees making good cover for us. My dad told me I could only shoot a doe for my first deer.

After a good hour and a half of not seeing a deer I was ready to go but Dad said just hold on and be patient.  It wasn’t long after that the first deer showed up and it was a 8 point buck.  Dad said if it gets close enough I could shoot it. I was PUMPED!

We waited and waited and finally he worked his way in to about 75 yds. I had practiced with Dad’s muzzleloader and knew I could make the shot. Dad gave me the ok and I took the shot. He ran out sight but I knew I had hit him. We found him 100 yds over the hill.  I was really excited and called my Mom so she could tell my little brothers. It was a great first deer.

(Special Note: You will be able to see this hunt airing on Hallowed Ground Outdoors on the Sportsman Channel season 6 starting this June.)


CGibs - Whitetail, September 22, 2015(3)     CGibs - Whitetail, September 22, 2015(2)

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