Moose Hunt

Arlen H – Bull Moose, September 18, 2010

Name: Arlen H
Date of Hunt: September 18, 2010
Location of Hunt: Alberta, Canada
Animal Hunted: Moose
Were you successful?: Yes!
Weather, Wind, and Conditions: 10 Degrees C, 5 Km/Hr wind from NW, Cloudy

Interesting Details of the Hunt: The afternoon of Sept. 18th, I walked 4km in to my tree stand over a wallow/waterhole in a small aspen drainage adjacent to a recent cutblock in the foothills of Alberta. It was seasonally cool and a bit overcast, and right at the beginning of the moose rut. There was plenty of sign of recent moose activity on the walk in, which was exciting because I had a camera up at the stand and was hoping to see what was cruising around. I bumped a nice bull on the way in that was in the cutblock, but because I was archery hunting, I watched him move into the timber and proceeded to my stand. I sat silent for about 2 hours, then started cow calling at 7:30 (1hr before legal time). After 15 minutes of intermittent calling I paused to listen and heard the sweetest sound a moose hunter can wish for – the unmistakable grunt of a rutting bull from the west across the cutblock. “IT’S ON!!” I thought as I continued to wail in the most alluring fashion I could muster, and soon I could hear him coming across the cutblock and into the aspen stand where the wallow and my tree stand were located. When he had closed to 70yds (still out of sight but very noisy) I realized he was coming in on the same moose trail I had walked in on, and would likely end up right at my stand! I quit calling and sure enough, he materialized on the trail at 30 yds, plodding with a steady gait, grunting with each stride. At 20yds he passed behind a spruce and I took the opportunity to draw my bow and settle the pin behind his shoulder. At 8yds I softly grunted and he calmly stopped and looked at the base of the tree I was in and I touched my release, burying the 100gr G5 Striker and axis arrow to the fletching! He was so close to me he was actually closer to the base of the tree than I was (I was 30ft up), so I had to aim about 6 inches from the spine to cut the top of the near lung and the bottom of the far lung. When he was hit he jolted and took a few steps, but couldn’t figure out what was going on and after about 20 seconds his ears flattened out and he crashed to the ground 20yds from my stand! I pulled out my cellphone to check the time (8:05pm) and miraculously had cell service – so I called my wife and excitedly whispered the details and said I’d be home late! Thankfully my friend was there with an ATV, as it was a gnarly spot – we didn’t make it home until 2 in the morning! This was a great hunt and provided a year’s worth of meat for my friend and I, what a blessing from God to be enjoyed and remembered!

Arlen H - Bull Moose, September 18, 2010
Arlen H, Bull Moose – September 18, 2010

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