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Hunting Experiences – The beginning

I never grew up hunting.  My Dad didn’t hunt…and as far as I know, his dad didn’t hunt either.  It wasn’t that they were opposed to it.  They just never had the interest or opportunity.  And so, as it came to me, I didn’t have the opportunity either.  I grew up loving the outdoors and as time went along I was drawn more and more to outdoor activities.

Finally in 2010, I had my first opportunity to go along with someone on a hunting trip.  I was hooked!  From that time on, I looked for every opportunity I had to learn about hunting and to participate in it.  And yet I always felt that I was behind everyone else.  I didn’t have that history….that experience that was passed down to me.  And so I decided I would have to get that experience some other way.

So I started talking to hunters.  I asked them what they did.  I asked them what worked and what didn’t.  I asked tips and hints that you don’t learn about in books.   And I found that hunters were willing (and eager to talk).

I quickly found out that besides hunting, one of the favorite activities of a true hunter is to share his hunting experience.  He wants to share the thrill of the hunt….the crucial point that spelled success or failure….the final circumstance that allowed him to get that animal.  Hunters love to share their knowledge.

And so I learned…..and continue to learn.  My goal for this site is for this to be a place where hunters can share their experience.  Every hunt is an adventure…..tell us yours!


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